About StudioAmaranthine


Hi! I am the creative spirit behind Studio Amaranthine.
My name is Barbara Mathews Cieleszky. I am currently living in my third country the USA very close to nature, by city standards:), in Alexandria, Virginia. I grew up in picturesque Budapest in Hungary and also lived for over 20 years in the amazingly inspiring multicultural city of London in the United Kingdom. I love to travel, love crafts and cultures and people from all over the world. I am really drawn to colors and the way they can make us feel.
I always made things as a child and in a meandering way I finally ended up creating and curating what I love the most. Currently I am dreaming up patterns and colors for INTERIORS to enhance our every day lives whilst using traditional crafts in a modern way. 
I believe that  T E X T I L E S, C O L O R S, craftsmanship, beauty and design can greatly elevate our every day experiences. My designs are inspired by a mix of the different cultures I've come across in my life, my experiences, feelings, dreams and everything I am drawn to. 
Wondering about the name of the business? 
Amaranthine originated from the Greek word 'amaranthos' (immortal or unfading) 'anthos' meaning flower. Amaranthine means undying, immortal and eternally beautiful. I thought it was fitting! 
What's on my travel bucket list?
Although I like to travel a lot less these days but Venice...Tallinn...Prague...a log cabin! Just want to see that faded grandeur and those peeling walls... and the charms of smaller cities in Eastern Europe. Did I mention you must visit Budapest??! if you like culture, good food and old buildings.  I also want to revisit Italy. Lake Como, Rome and the old part of Capri. The food... the colors... I loved it. Barcelona is another city I'd like to revisit again. I guess I could go on...Rio's carnival and tango on the streets in Argentina? India's colors and architecture...hmm... That's it...for now!!!
You can KEEP IN TOUCH on Instagram on daily happenings @studioamaranthine
If you have an IDEA or would like to collaborate please do not hesitate to reach out. No matter how seemingly crazy the idea seems:)