Welcome! I am the creative spirit and founder behind Studio Amaranthine.
Currently dreaming up textiles, patterns and colors for INTERIORS to enhance our every day lives whilst using traditional crafts in a modern way. 
I believe that  T E X T I L E S, C O L O R S, craftsmanship, beauty and design can greatly elevate our every day experiences. I curate and design all the textiles for the Studio.
My in house designs are inspired by a mix of the different cultures I've come across in my life, my experiences, feelings, dreams and everything I am drawn to. I curate artisan made beauties to go alongside them and feel passionate about keeping the flame of craftsmanship alive in different forms. 
Hungarian born, lived in London, United Kingdom for 21 years now living near Washington DC there is plenty of inspiration to draw from! 
Wondering about the name of the business? 
Us Hungarians like long words... 
Amaranthine originated from the Greek word 'amaranthos' (immortal or unfading) 'anthos' meaning flower. Amaranthine means undying, immortal and eternally beautiful. I associate that with crafts and their survival. I thought it was fitting! 
Favorite designer? 
The iconic William Morris. He is endlessly inspiring and his timeless collection is just... well there are no words! 
Most recent thought provoking film?
The Two Popes
Podcast I listen to?
Ways to change the world by Krishnan Guru Murthy
Favourite story ever?
The Count of Monte Christo
Why travel?
I love transporting myself to different cultures and their traditions hence I love travelling. Travel is the secret tonic to creativity...! 
Favorite haunts? 
There are so many from the East End of London to the ever inspiring Marais in Paris to Budapest's castle district... I could go on ...
Favorite quote?
Fail, fail, fail again. Success comes from going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. - Winston Churchill 
 Enjoy the ever growing selection of designs!