...dreaming of a better world??!... I am... 
One where artisans are supported. One where artistry and slow design is appreciated. Where small businesses get the attention and support they deserve. Where textiles traditions are treasured and people from different cultures live together with understanding, and without prejudice. Yes, it's a dream... 
Our world starts and ends at home every day wherever that may be. When we layer our homes with textiles created with care, made with hands and hearts we tap into a world that creates comfort, beauty and soul. Meaningful things we all need as humans to thrive. 
 Textiles, colors, craftsmanship, beauty and design can greatly elevate our everyday experiences. 
The Studio's collection is created and curated with a lot of care. The only items sold and created are those that bring comfort, aid our rest and relaxation and or help create simple pleasures.
In house designs are inspired by a mix of the different cultures and are created with dyes / pigments / paints. Artisan made beauties to go alongside them. It is my mission to keep the flame of craftsmanship alive in different forms.
To give one's life COLOR, TEXTURE, DEPTH, VALUE AND JOY - and hopefully share it!
In Henry Matisse's words:
" What I dream of is an art of balance, of purity and serenity devoid of troubling or depressing subject matter - a soothing, calming influence on the mind rather like a good armchair with provides relaxation from physical fatigue".
I hope to live up to his words... perhaps not the purity, but the rest...
Wondering about me? 
I grew up in picturesque Budapest, lived in London for most of my adult life and currently living in the USA with frequent trips to Europe and other places in the world. I am a global citizen and proud of it. The many cultures I've come across in my life are in this adventure with textiles and pattern and more. I hope you join in some ways on the journey. It's been a varied one!   
Wondering about the name of the business? 
Amaranthine originated from the Greek word 'amaranthos' (immortal or unfading) 'anthos' meaning flower. Amaranthine means undying, immortal and eternally beautiful. I associate that with crafts and their survival. I thought it was fitting! 
Thanks for reading and supporting!
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