Fabrics & Printing Specification



Fabrics digitally printed are all printed in London at present. Larger printing options are available to be printed in the Netherlands. 

All fabrics digitally printed are printed to the highest quality. They go through a rigorous quality control process before released from the printer. 

All pillows are printed to size. This means the Studio can match all patterns on seams and NO FABRIC IS PRINTED TO WASTE. 

At present all collections are printed on:

SOFT VELVET - a smooth, luxurious, comfortable, elegant and durable textile

Midweight 100% polyester, 8.26 oz

Matte with a gorgeous drape - printing quality detail - EXCELLENT

HERRINGBONE WEAVE - a soft cotton like woven silky fabric that's elegant and has a great texture. 

Midweight 100% polyester 7.9 oz - printing quality detail - EXCELLENT

UPHOLSTERY VELVET - a durable fire rated for domestic furnishings fabric with a very smooth touch. Passes the 30K Martindale rub test. 

Suitable for stools, headboards, chairs, floor pillows. Printing quality detail - EXCELLENT. 


Other fabrics types that can be printed on: 



Silk Twill

Cotton Drill

Linen - coming soon

Faux leather

Marbled velvet



and more. 

Please message through the website with any questions or details.