There is play with colors, dyes, endless fun in the sun in a backyard, aka the Studio, where the occasional deer, a lot of squirrels, insects! and a many delightful bird species keep Barbara company. Each design is created by HAND by herself which is the magical part of the process. Sample fabrics dry in the SUN, then the unpredictable part begins where the computer turns some of them into fabric designs. One can never really tell when a design will look completely different as a repeat pattern from a tiny sample. It is often a SURPRISE. Sometimes good sometimes not so good. It's a laborious process and each stage requires different skills. The aim is to keep all originals to be made by hand using different CRAFTS from around the world as inspiration and put a unique Studio Amaranthine touch on the process! The results are wondrous and UNIQUE and unpredictable. A creative process that can teach us so much about ourselves and LIFE..