The Studio is very keen on supporting artisan crafts in certain parts of the world where it really makes a difference to people's lives. Not only to see a craft survive but to share the beauty of hand made creations that are created with sustainability in mind, helping communities of mostly women to support themselves and their families, and finding ways to enrich their lives, as well as share a part of their stories that they 'weave' into their creations.  

It's perhaps surprising but 95% of the world's designers focus all their efforts on developing products and services FOR THE WEALTHIEST 10% OF THE WORLD. Developing countries outnumber their wealthy counterparts by 20 - 1 and have only pennies to spend on hundreds of critical necessities. Some of the most beautifully made items with lots of heart and soul never makes it to our homes even though it could positively impact our lives as well as the person's who make them. 

It's perhaps possible to address the BALANCE and try to make a small difference. In our own way. Each one of us. Little by little.  

Current initiatives: 

Supporting the livelihoods of socially and economically marginalised artisans and their families in India bu buying their collections. Their sustainable practices create beautifully hand made products for the home. They use some of the oldest methods of textile productions eg. hand- woven textiles on manual looms using low impact dyes and all natural sustainable materials. 

Supporting refugees by stocking their handmade creations - see A STITCH FOR FREEDOM INITIATIVE in menu and read their stories on under Around the World in menu.  

Join the Studio in creating more opportunities for these wonderful people and places.  PLEASE GET IN TOUCH if you would like to work with Barbara on design initiatives or have any other ideas. No matter how seemingly crazy they are! Currently looking to support more initiatives like the above in different and meaningful ways.