Moss Green Velvet Throw Pillow Cover

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Scrumptious, soft you'll never want to stop stroking or lying on this pillow...promise! Its super vibrant color goes with dark  or white walls or furniture and will radiate (literally, see what I mean in the pattern??!)  a lot of 'life renewing' energy. Pair with super light color walls, and soft wood for a more relaxing look. Or why not be daring and go for dark walls, soft lighting and dark furniture??! The possibilities...

Designer Notes:

Intrigued about the pattern? 

This pattern is created based on the ancient Japanese tradition of shibori. Barbara added a modern creative twist and voila!  The design was originally hand dyed by Studio Amaranthine then digitally printed  in the United Kingdom. Think quality, longevity and craftsmanship. Other matching designs available. 

Material: Super scrumptious soft velvet. Hidden zip.