Moss Green Lampshade

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Lighting is one of the most transformative things you can add to a room to create atmosphere and tactility. These velvet lampshades add great personality to a room. Green can be a peaceful or very energising pattern to live with. Mix with plants, fake or real to create a lively room. Why not find a great painting, add a floor lamp and a cozy chair to read or relax in?! Create comfortable surroundings with colors and artful designs.

Designer notes: This pattern is created by Studio Amaranthine by hand with an ancient Japanese dying technique. 

Suitable for floor lamps or large table lamps.
Width: 16x Hight: 11 inch

Fabric created by Studio Amaranthine, digitally printed in the United Kingdom
Printed onto Fire rated upholstery velvet
Lampshade made by loving hands in Florida