Large Grey Hand Woven Linen Napkin Set

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Luxurious linen napkins that bring a soft touch and layers of casual elegance to your table. 

Woven on hand-operated looms by artisan communities, they're soft, durable, easy to wash - perhaps the reason why linen is one of the oldest textiles used in history. Linen is made from a plant called flax, spun into fibre and woven into cloth. 

Size: 20inch x 20 inch - 100% Flax Linen. 

Sold as a set of two. Matching table runner also available. 


No need to iron if you don't want to, just wash in medium temperature and dry on short cycle or on delicates and you'll get that relaxed elegant feel only linen has. Iron for a more formal look. 

Made in rural North India by hand-loom weavers you're supporting livelihood and opportunities for rural communities.