100% Natural Fair Trade Silk Throw

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A REAL TREAT TO THE EYE AND THE SENSES. Super soft and feels good on so many levels...

Artisans hand spin cocoons left behind by moth into thread, then weave fabric on traditional bamboo looms. 

Light weight, hand-woven by skilled indigenous women artisans, this unique luxurious silk is considered compassionate, as silk worms survive the process, unlike in conventional silk production.

This throw features un-dyed yarn (the natural color of the cocoon) and yarn dyed with health-promoting turmeric in the border. 

Did you know? Legend has it that the Chinese discoverd silk by a cocoon accidently dropping into the Emperor's tea and unraveling in the hot water?? 

Treat yourself with this beautiful throw, you'll treasure it for years to come. Its imperfections are the perfect reminder that nothing is ever really perfect in life yet can be so beautiful. 

Size: 70 x 50 inch