Turquoise Mist Upholstery Velvet Fabric

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This super soft to the touch upholstery velvet fabric by the yard (or custom) range is one of those loveable fabrics you never want to stop stroking. 

Large pattern and soft color - easy to live with, can be mixed with dark colors for a bit more drama and intrigue or with creams or whites. Other yellow shades available to match. 


Designer Notes: Original pattern designed with dyes by Studio Amaranthine using an ancient Japanese technique. 

Specifications: You can order custom width or length in this fabric - so no mess and no waste! Message/email with your required size for a quote. 

Passes 30K Martindale rub test - FIRE RATED

Printed Fabric width: 57 inch | 1.59 yard | 145cm 

Pattern Repeat: 2 x 2 inch

Weight: 8.26 oz 

Caring instructions: DRY CLEAN ONLY