This project has been created to support women and highlight how much of a difference it can make when we all support each other in meaningful ways. It's a celebration of love, support and togetherness with adorable hand made dolls and many other 'threads' to create opportunities for women.

Their story begins with a group of ladies who travelled and have gone through many challenges, arriving as Afghan refugees to India. Together they make these little friends who I hope will find homes and join you on your journeys. All profits will be donated to a project by the British Asian Trust called IF I CAN SHE CAN which is about empowering women to be able to earn a wage and support their families through the innovative Livelihood Project. This helps women in the poorest part of Asia in countries that include India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The project creates entrepreneurial as well as educational opportunities for women. 

Here is to more love and support and togetherness in this world between women and more care free playtime for children!